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The Amazing Rubber Broom!

by Thomas Thorp 12 Oct 2020

The Amazing Rubber Broom!

The chances are you have heard of a rubber broom before but if you haven't we hope to give you an overview.
The rubber broom is essentially a sweeping brush but with rubber bristles.

Why are rubber bristles so good?

Rubber bristles are a really good bristle type for a number of reasons:

1. They are hard wearing
2. They are easy to clean
3. They don't damage surfaces
4. They pick-up and attract all types of hair
5. They can be used on almost all surfaces.
6. Can be used in the wet
7. They don't loose their shape

The rubber broom is one of the best all round brooms. If you are to have only one sweeping brush in your home, it would be a wise choice to choose a rubber broom. As above the rubber bristle broom can be used on all types of surfaces.
So if you have laminate or vinyl flooring in your kitchen or perhaps a tiled bathroom or wet room, the broom can be used to clean up and keep it looking its best.
The brush does not stop here though, the rubber bristles are also amazing at cleaning up on carpet. Unlike a regular household sweeping broom, the rubber broom can be used as a carpet brush to clean up spills and mess on your carpets and stairs.
The best way to use the broom is in short backward strokes back towards the body - giving you a clean sweep.
If you have pets, such as cats or dogs, the rubber broom really works well on carpet for picking up and pulling hair of all types, into a pile. If you plan to use the rubber broom on carpet, it is best to invest in a good quality rubber broom. The reason behind this is that some of the cheaper models have low grade rubber/silicone bristles that can be very hard. Now while this will give you excellent results for the short term it will also damage your carpet over the long term. That is why it is super important to select a high quality rubber broom. The key is to have a broom which the rubber bristles flex and bend when you sweep.

Many rubber brooms also have an in-built squeegee blade. This makes the broom into a squeegee brush which is perfect for cleaning up spills. It also means the rubber floor squeegee can be used in wet rooms and for cleaning windows and conservatories.
More recently the rubber broom has found a new purpose of being used as an artificial grass brush for keeping your outdoor artificial lawn looking its best. The rubber bristles rake and clean the artificial grass and the rubber bristles mean the brush can be used with a wide range of artificial grass cleaner.
After all this, the rubber broom may show signs of use and be a bit grubby - fear not! Simply take the rubber broom head and rinse it under a tap to bring it back to life and looking new!

You can probably tell we are a massive fan of the rubber broom and would give it a 5 star product review.
That is why we have a range of rubber brooms and firmly believe we have the best available on the market today.
Take a look at our range and read our customer reviews - we are sure you will agree...

The Best Rubber Broom 

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