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Silicone Toilet Brush - Have You Discovered It Yet!

by Opinew Collaborator 27 Sep 2020
Hello my lovelies!
It's Harriet here from @making_ahouse_ahome, I am now a guest blogger for The
Dustpan and Brush Store. I'm going to be working alongside them to bring you all
some content and in-depth product reviews.

Today I'm taking the plunge and focusing on cleaning the toilet... a topic that, in all
honesty, I never really thought I would write about.

Cleaning the bathroom is a necessity but let's face it, it's not always the most
pleasant of jobs... especially when it comes to cleaning the ceramic throne, which
comes into contact with lots of unpleasant bodily fluids.

For me, toilet brushes can be a bit grim.
They scream germs as they harbour bacteria, I know some people even have
disposable toilet brushes for this reason!

It's important to keep our toilets hygienic so we can't just not clean them!
What if I told you there was a more Eco-Friendly and Hygienic Toilet Brush

The Dustpan and Brush Store offer a Silicone Toilet Brush which is much easier to
keep clean.
Simply rinse your brush off with water to keep the silicone bristles spotless!

Storage is easy as the toilet brush holder is small and stylish, it has been specially
designed to dry your toilet brush and prevent accumulations and cross
contamination of germs and bacteria.

I also personally love to pour a capful of disinfectant in there to keep it smelling

As well as this toilet brush being so easy to disinfect, this product is made to last
and when you purchase one it comes with an added brush replacement head,
making it eco-friendly, as it doubles the durability of your toilet brush set.
You can easily put a replacement silicone head on it when necessary, opposed to
throwing it away and buying new (like I would have in the past).

I no longer dread cleaning the toilet and I no longer cringe every time I go to pick
up my loo brush.

This silicone
toilet brush is one of the most hygienic brushes available on the market for your
bathroom, and the silicone bristles are gentle with your toilet bowl so it will not

mark or scratch the ceramic.

It has been designed with a long, stiff and non-slip handle to help you to get rid of
any marks in your loo. The long handle will protect you while cleaning but also
allows you to clean all areas of the toilet.

This Silicone Toilet Brush also has an Under The Rim feature, meaning you can
easily reach even the hidden and harder to reach areas of your loo.
The head reaches every edge of your toilet and the built in rim cleaner means you
can clean around the edges of the toilet, which are often missed.

Before discovering this toilet brush I had two separate brushes for cleaning my
loo, now I am so pleased that this one is all-in-one and does everything I need it to

This is definitely one of my bathroom essentials and I would really recommend

investing in one of these to keep your loo sparkling and fresh!

I wouldn't waste my time buying any other loo brush again, this is much more

Keep your eye on the blog for more posts coming from me soon!
And remember you can use my code Harriet10 for a little discount on any

You can find the direct link to this product below:

Thank you for reading!
Best Wishes,
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