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Spring Cleaning Checklist!

by Linda Cleans 08 Feb 2023

Where is the time going? We’re already well into February which means Spring is just a stepping stone away! And with Spring comes the famous Spring Cleaning

Get the most out of your spring cleaning by using our spring cleaning checklist. Tackle every room in your house – from top to bottom with every piece of furniture getting a once over.


Every Room

Wash Baseboards, door ceilings, window sills, doors, and walls

Clean light switches

Vacuum and mop floors

Wash window

Dust blinds

Dust and shine overhead lights - replace burnt light bulbs.

Dust and/or vacuum light fixtures and lamp shades.



Wash and degrease kitchen cabinets

Deep clean oven and stove top

Move fridge - vacuum and mop behind it

Clean washing machine inside and out

Clean out pantry

Clean dishwasher inside and out

Clean out microwave

Deep clean fridge inside and wash outside

Defrost freezer

Remove items from cabinets and clean inside

Clean and dish range hood and extractor fan


Living Room

Dust and wash any and all mirrors, frames, and decorative items

Vacuum all upholstery

Vacuum all lamp shades

Dust furniture and fixtures

Wash all throw pillows and blankets

Polish furniture

Vacuum and shampoo carpets - mop if necessary

Clean remote control

Shampoo Rugs



Wash all bedding

Wash all bed and throw pillows

Flip Mattress - if using pillow top, rotate mattress

Throw away anything stored under bed you don't want anymore

Empty wardrobe and go through unwanted clothing

Dust furniture and behind pieces like your bedside cabinets

Clean all mirrors and frames

Wash headboard

Shampoo rugs or carpets



Clean and disinfect bath and shower.

Clean and wipe mirrors

Wash bathmats.

Dust and replace decorative items.

Wash and/or replace shower curtains.

Wash shower doors

Descale taps and shower head

Clean toilet

Mop floors

Scrub tile grout


Office and Home

 Change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Check all electronics, make sure they are switched off and cords are untangled

Sweep front porch and back deck.

Disinfect all computer keyboards and mouse - dust and remove particles.

Use a dampened microfibre cloth and wipe the keys down. Use dry microfibre to remove any leftover moisture.


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