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3 Steps to keep your home clean

by Linda Cleans 03 Mar 2023

And just like that it’s the 1st of March, and you know what that means… We’re getting closer and closer to that Spring clean! They key to a good spring cleaning and living in a lovely clean home actually starts with what some find the hardest step, decluttering your home. The more organised your home is, the easier it will be over all to keep clean.

Lets face it, I know personally my home will never look like a magazine 24/7. My home is lived in we work, cook, clean have a dog and live generally busy lives. So how do you do the necessary spring cleaning and make cleaning more routine than an ‘oh my goodness the house is a mess! It’s going to take me all weekend to clean’ scenario? Well, here are a few tips.



Like I said above, unfortunately this can be one of the harder tasks over all but there’s really no way to get around it. If you have too much everywhere then logically here’s nowhere to go with things. When there’s no room in the wardrobes, drawers, things start piling up on the floors, worktops, shelves and furniture When all those surfaces are over flowing, it’s nearly impossible to clean and organise, not to mention, it starting to look messy even if you do manage to clean. When your home becomes chaotic and cluttered, you’ll realise you can’t find things as easy and actually other aspects of your life become disorganised as well… a perfect combo for stress.

The longer you the let the clutter go on the, the bigger a task it will be when you come to declutter. Start by breaking it all down into smaller tasks, for example, take one room or even area at a time. Do you have a pile of clothes on the floor or on ‘the chair’ Start by cleaning out your closet and dressers. Make sure everything has a home and this way you can avoid it ending up on the floors or counters again. If you run out of space, try alternatives such as furniture with build in storage, decorative boxes or trunks.

One of the must brutal things you have to think of is, if you don’t love it or use it, it’s clutter!



This is the number one rule I try to live by and still attempting to drill into my husband. If you do just a little bit of cleaning up every day, bigger tasks like the dreaded Spring Cleaning are much less of a chore. For instance, I prefer to unload my dishwasher every morning, put my dishes and pots in the dishwasher as I use them instead of leaving a big pile to sort out later and wipe down the counters and the sink after I’ve finished eating my evening meal. That way I’m left with a fairly clean kitchen ever morning. Another example is I like to give the bathroom a quick once over each day, nothing too stressful, just a quick wipe down of the sink and toilet. It’s a really good habit to get into just in case you have any unexpected visitors drop by.

So these are just a few chores you could do in under an hour every day just to make your home that bit cleaner:

Make your bed every morning

Wipe down bathroom counter, sink and toilet

Put dishes in the dishwasher

Wipe down the kitchen cabinets after dinner

I’m more of an evening person so I tend to do the majority of these jobs once I’ve got home form work. When I’ve finished the tasks and enjoyed my tea I know it’s time to relax then! And what a good feeling it is.

Another was to look at it maybe is daily 1 hour (or less) chores schedule:

Monday: Declutter

Tuesday: Dust

Wednesday: Vacuum & Mop

Thursday: Clean Toilets

Friday: Windows and Mirrors

Saturday: Clean/organise fridge

Sunday: Laundry (or the items that need to be washed less frequently)



It may sound silly, but honestly this step does help! Keep your cleaning supplies in strategic locations about your house, for example, bathroom cleaning supplies shoulder kept in the bathroom, not the kitchen. This will save time and you’ll be far more likely to actually use them!

You might even consider having multiple areas throughout your house for easy access, rather than keeping them all huddled in one little cupboard your forever having to empty to just get to that damn glass cleaner!

Now, obviously cleaning supplies aren’t just your sprays and disinfectants, this includes things like your sponges etc, and of course we’re going to give you a list of our products which will help streamline your supply…

1. Easy Grip Sponge Cleaner

When you’re tackling day to day cleaning and need something with a bit more grit but terrified of scratching your surfaces, this sponge is for you. With the handle you’re able to apply that little bit of extra pressure too for those extra tough stains. Safely clean your baths, windows, and stainless steel with no worries of damage!

2. New Bathroom Cleaner Kit

Only just recently out, this tool is designed to be able to clean almost every inch of your bathroom! You can use the scrubbing brush head for your floors and grout not only in the bathroom but on any hard surfaced flooring. Then quickly swap to your sponge head, perfect for your tiles, bath and ceramics, finished off with a bit of buffering using your microfibre cloth head. It really does do the trick, and the best part of it all? It has a four piece handle so no more reaching or bending over to get the jobs done!

3. Microfibre Cloth

Every Spring Cleaning Kit needs a good cloth that can tackle those methods, and we’ve honestly not found one better than the multipurpose microfibre cloth. It cleans basically everything and anything to surfaces, dusting, windows, mirrors it’s just a great all rounder!

We hope this makes keeping on top of your house a little easier for you and will help you when it comes to that all important spring clean. Good luck!

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