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Grout Cleaning Tips and Tricks!

by Linda Cleans 16 Nov 2020

You have cleaned your bathroom, wiped down the sink, washed the shower screen and its starting to look great! However no matter how many times you wipe clean your tiles with a microfibre cloth it doesn't hide the fact your bathroom grout is no longer white! We all have it and you know what I am taking about; the black mould and mildew which builds up on your grout and silicone around the edge of your bath and shower and between the tiles. Now if your looking at how to clean grout in shower then you have come to the right place. Grout cleaning requires a couple of couple of things. Firstly you need some kind of cleaning product. There are a number on the market such as supermarkets own brand or more specialised like HG Grout Cleaner. For the purpose of our video we have used the pink stuff. Next you need a grout brush. The Dustpan and Brush Store stock a number of different grout brushes. Now while you can use an old tooth brush in reality they do not offer the right sort of angle needed to apply pressure and the bristles are also not stiff enough to allow for a firm scrubbing action. The grout cleaner tool we have used in this video is the 3 in 1 grout cleaning brush. The grout tool is made up of 3 different brushes which all serve a different purpose. When you are tile and grout cleaning the key is to focus on a small area first and work out from here. You also want to test a small amount of the cleaning product on your grout first to make sure there is no negative effects. Some grout cleaning products require time to soak in and others need to be worked into the surface so always make sure you read the instructions first. With the pink stuff we applied a small amount to the grout lines between the bathroom tiles and then worked this with the grout brush. We used the angled brush which has bristles in a triangle shape to get between the gap of the tiles and then scrubbed back and forth. This worked the grout cleaner into the grout and helps to remove all the mould and mildew build up.
To finish we then wiped over the tiles and grout with a damp cloth to remove all the excess product and then buffed with a clean microfibre cloth. The results of before and after are really satisfying and help give that new feeling we all enjoy after cleaning.

Here is a link to our grout cleaning brushes.

3 in 1 Grout Cleaner UK
Multipurpose Grout Cleaning Brush


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