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The Multi Purpose Broom - My thoughts

by Linda Cleans 28 Nov 2022

How I found using the Multi Purpose Broom!

If any of you are followers of our Instagram page you will have seen that I have been giving the Multi-Purpose Rubber Broom a fair trial over the past few weeks. I have really put it to the test (especially with two labradors about) using it on laminate flooring, carpet and even my bathroom tiles! I’ve really thought a few times surely this isn’t going to work that well and 9.9 out of 10 I have been proven wrong!

 My ratings on how it went…

 1. Hardwood Flooring

When using it on hard wood flooring it spoke for itself, it really was the dog hair whisperer. It picked up endless piles of pet hair, manoeuvred easily under my TV unit and Sofa and didn’t do the thing we all dread with brooms, pick it up and blow it back out only to sweep up again! Thanks to it’s rubber bristles it attracts the pet hair just like it advertises and keeps it locked in so you’re not having the sweep the same area numerous times. As you’d expect with most brooms it worked fantastic on my wooden flooring and I give it a firm 9/10. The only reason I deducted a point is I would love to see a matching dustpan to accompany this in the future as my current one just doesn’t live up to par with the broom at all!

2. Carpets

Well I definitely thought this was going to be a waste of time. I hoover my carpet daily and empty it at least once during the cleaning so how much hair or dirt could there really be left?

I was gobsmacked… The amount of hair the broom managed to pick up was just absolutely appalling and made me question whether I should just give up vacuuming all together and sweep every day instead. Don’t get me wrong, you need slightly more upper arm strength if you want to sweep the carpet rather than hoover, but the results are unbelievable. Not only did it manage to catch the hair entangled in the carpet but it also made the carpet pile look refreshed and almost brand new. Over all on carpets… 9/10. Again, because of the lack of dustpan with it and because it is a little bit of a mini work out if you want it to pick up everything.

3. Tiles

Now I know this isn’t what the brush is made for BUT I swear this is one of the best cleaning hacks I’ve found, because the bristles are plastic they scrub the tiles great. Not only this but the squeegee attached to the broom head made wiping down the tiles so much easier! The only thing I find is it has trouble with is cleaning the grout so as long as you’re happy to clean that separately this brush makes very quick work of tile cleaning! 8/10.


Overall I would highly recommend this broom! Not only is it your typical broom for hard floors but the added use of carpet and tiling cleaning AND having a squeegee makes this so worthwhile to have.


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